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17 January

Uni Herbs Kharatin Oil Brochure

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Consumption cases

- enlarging and bulking up organs

- Treatments for Wrinkles

- increasing local bloodstream

Uni Herbs Kharatin oil is the best alternative for bulking up organs in women and men without need to high-risk operations. You can influence on increase of volume of any organ in your body through consuming these products.


- Kharatin oily extract

- Olive oil

Influence mechanism

Due to increase of blood circulatory and blood pumping, organ growth (especially men’s penis because of its spongy characteristic) begins gradually and causes increase of volume and length of organ without any consequences.


This product is presented in 30 ml glass bottle package in 6-number packs.

Consumption amount

According to doctor’s instruction, required amount should be consumed.

Consumption instruction and practice

Once a day, every time for 3-5 minutes, massage it on body and wash it several hours later if necessary. Just for external use.

Note: man’ penis should be washed and cleaned before sex so that doesn’t enter vagina in that state.

Consumption duration

You should consume oil according to doctor’s instruction but usually treatment duration is 3 – 6 months.


In rare situations, it may cause cutaneous sensitivity.


 - oral consumption

- in pregnancy and lactation duration

- if sensitivity, redness, and itching emerges, cut the consumption of product.

- the product shouldn’t be consumed if any wound, dermatitis or venereal disease exists in the place.


- keep it at temperature of 15 to 30  (room temperature)

- keep it away from light and children’s access.

- after each use, close bottle cap.

Expire date

Three years after production

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