About us – a story registered in the history

Story of Uni Herbs Brand was started from limited production of Kharatin oil in 2013 and later by registering Uni Herbs Brand, founding medicinal and cosmetic products manufacture company and transformational management of Board of Directors, Uni Herbs quickly became famous as an eastern medical prominent manufacturer.

Uni Herbs has tried to transform cosmetic and natural medicinal products through utilizing medical experiences of Pakistan and Iran, in other words, integrating ancient experiences of physicians of India, Pakistan and Iran with the latest scientific achievements in the field of pharmacy.

To achieve this great purpose, Company constituted research team including Iranian and Pakistani scholars and through investment in R&D section, proceeded to develop products so that Uni Herbs Brand current fame is because of continuous endeavor of company R&D section that its result is manufacturing natural products with the best raw materials and excellent formulations.

Quality of raw material and correct supervision on production and appropriate packaging, currently, has caused extended activity of Uni Herbs products in the field of export.

Our customers: today, because of high quality of Uni Herbs products, our customers aren’t just from Pakistan but huge part of products under supervision of Uni Herbs Brand are sold in other countries like India, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Kurdistan, Germany, Switzerland and …, and we have official and active representative in these countries.

Our permanent slogan is “to be superlative” because you deserve to have the best products.

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Contact Address

Uni Herbs Company

Malir Cantt, Karachi, Pakistan 

Model Colony, Near Model Banquet

Phone: +92 344 899 2459

Email: info@Uniherbs.pk

About Uni Herbs

Our purpose is creating positive change and transformation in your life. To achieve this purpose, we have utilized the best raw materials and several-thousand-year experiences of Indian and Pakistani physicians, that its result is presenting various and high-quality products.